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Can't Bully Me Now musical was created to help stop bullying. Youth in grades 3 - 8 become the cast & crew! The catchy songs make learning fun!


Anti BullyingPosted by Lisa Fri, September 05, 2014 18:38:25
Hi all! smiley
Welcome to our blog to help rid the world of bullying!!!!
Do you know what a bystander is?
It's the person who is watching the bullying happen. About 85% of bullying occurs in front of bystanders.
We need bystanders to speak up!
When a bystander steps in, bullying usually stop within seconds!!!!!
If you feel safe... just tell them to stop. Say something like "hey, that's not cool".
If you don't feel safe, please leave quietly, and get help from an adult.
Please comment if you have stood up for a friend to stop bullying.
Also... if you see bullying happen, please don't cheer the bully on. We need the bullying to stop, not continue.

Thanks so much!
If you see something... say something!!!!!!


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