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You Cant Bully Me Now Musical

Can't Bully Me Now musical was created to help stop bullying. Youth in grades 3 - 8 become the cast & crew! The catchy songs make learning fun!

Why do they Bully?

Anti BullyingPosted by Lisa Mon, December 15, 2014 20:59:32
Hi All!
Hope you made today count! I wanted to focus on the bullies today. Believe it or not they need help too! It's important to get help for the victims and the bullies. Something is going wrong in the life of the bully and the result can be bullying. There could be several reasons why they bully.
1. Maybe there are problems at home.
2. Maybe they've grown up with parents who bully them.
3. Maybe they're angry because they're struggling to get good grades at school.
4. Maybe they do it to get attention because they're lonely.
5. Maybe they need help from a doctor or counselor for any number of medical or mental health issues.
6. Maybe their family doesn't have a lot of money, and they bully others because they're angry or sad.
I'd like to hear from you. Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been the bully?
How did you handle it all? If you were the bully, why did you bully?
Get to the root of the problem. That's the most important point I want to make.

Have a brighter day!
Lisa smiley

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Anti BullyingPosted by Lisa Mon, November 10, 2014 19:35:54
Hi Everyone!
Hope you're having a great day! smiley
Today I wanted to talk about how important it is for youth to have positive role-models. Whether it's parents, guardians, older siblings, adult family members, teachers, or friends.... we need to model what we want others to follow. Teach by example. Do something kind everyday. Teach with compassion and empathy. Take young children with you when you visit a sick relative. Take them to a soup kitchen to volunteer for the homeless. Write cards together to send to veterans. Mow a neighbor's lawn or shovel their driveway as a gesture of kindness and not for money. I'd like to see people being kind to one another, for a change. It's as simple as that! I think the lyrics in "Show a Little Kindness" say it best...
"Show a little kindness, be a good friend.
Show a little kindness, do it again.
Show a little kindness, and you'll see it makes a happy you and me".

What have you done lately to be a good role- model? What other ideas do you have to teach our youth compassion, empathy, and kindness?

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Try a W.U.G.

Anti BullyingPosted by Lisa Wed, September 24, 2014 18:03:48
Hi all!
If you need help with bullying... Try a W.U.G. There are 3 simple steps you can take.
The W stands for Walk away, step #1. Try walking away from the bully.
The U stands for Use your voice, step #2. Try using your strong voice and tell them to stop. Finally.. the G stands for Go get help, step #3. Go and get help from a trusted adult. You have the right to live a life without bullying!

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Anti BullyingPosted by Lisa Fri, September 05, 2014 18:38:25
Hi all! smiley
Welcome to our blog to help rid the world of bullying!!!!
Do you know what a bystander is?
It's the person who is watching the bullying happen. About 85% of bullying occurs in front of bystanders.
We need bystanders to speak up!
When a bystander steps in, bullying usually stop within seconds!!!!!
If you feel safe... just tell them to stop. Say something like "hey, that's not cool".
If you don't feel safe, please leave quietly, and get help from an adult.
Please comment if you have stood up for a friend to stop bullying.
Also... if you see bullying happen, please don't cheer the bully on. We need the bullying to stop, not continue.

Thanks so much!
If you see something... say something!!!!!!


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New Website

Anti BullyingPosted by Kathleen Thu, July 31, 2014 19:30:46
We are now prod to announce our brand new website is up and running

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New Blog

Anti BullyingPosted by Kathleen Sat, July 12, 2014 20:14:16
Today I am testing Lisa's brand new blog i would love to know what you think of it :)

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